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    Google Plus Communities

    Good community!
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    It's worth the investment, i have also purchased a premium theme and works wonderful.
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    Welcome xxnfectedxx, please do so when ever you get a chance , this forum is to share with others. Or learn new things.
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    iPhone X jail break

    Yeah at the moment there is not a un-tethered
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    iPhone X jail break

    A tethered jailbreak requires the iOS device to be plugged into a computer when turned on. If the iPhone is not plugged into a computer and booted with special software the device will not enter a jailbroken state. Untethered jailbreaks do not require a computer. Everything required to enter...
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    How to install apps on firestick faster

    You can use this program called adblink. What it is it will connect to any firestick you have hooked up to wifi and allow you to send files/install them with out you using your firestick.. This is good for people that sell jailbroken firesticks it will cut a lot of your time. I will posting a...
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    Our website is now open to public

    This website is new, and one day we will go back to this post and remember when it first started.. If you are new please support us by inviting someone thanks.
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    Rey here

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    Favorite CMS?

    That is true. I used to use to use Joomla like 6 years ago. I haven't tried since. I will.need to try.
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    Mac or windows

    I been using windows all my life.. i never really like mac.. i did try though..
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    iPhone X jail break

    If you turn off the phone it won't boot up. You will have to turn on with the computer software.
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    Welcome to our facebook marketing forum

    Its a forum to talk about facebook marketing, how to pay for advertising or get free advertising.. I will also be sharing some experience on stuff that i have done to advertise other websites that i own.
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    Suggestions board

    Yes i will add one in a bit. thanks for your suggestion
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    SWC Network

    Nice website, very well organized. thanks for sharing
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    iPhone X jail break

    So far there is a semi-untethered jailbreak I tried it on some phones and it worked .
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