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    Article: 8 Common Sense Tips for Creating Clean Designs

    I'm sure many people are wondering: can someone with no education in design still create good looking websites? Yes, I think they can. How? By using common sense! Here are my 8 common sense tips to creating clean design.. Continue reading...
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    Article: 3 Simple Steps in Coding a Rounded Corners Layout

    That we should aim in coding is simplicity and try to avoid any unnecessary markup. Various rounded corners techniques often include several additional elements that are purely presentational. When talking about fixed width, rounded corners layout, there's no need for complications. Let me show...
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    Article: How to Create Smooth Glass Type

    Here's a Photoshop tutorial about how to create some nice looking translucent glass type that'll work great on any background, made completely with layer styles. Continue reading...
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    Article: Web 2.0 Sticker Text Effect

    In this Photoshop tutorial you’ll be learning how to create a sticker effect, which is useful to know in this Web 2.0 era. You can see this effect for logos or headers. Continue reading...
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    Article: Web 2.0 peeling sticker

    The peeling stickers are definitely pretty popular these days on the web. I bet you've all seen them and some of you might even wondered how are these things done. Here’s a PSD source for one. Continue reading...
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    Article: Recreate the Bee Movie Text Effect

    This quick Photoshop tutorial we'll teach you how to recreate the 'Bee movie' text effect, you know, the one you've seen all over the place over the last few months. Continue reading...
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    Article: Glossy Web Logo Tutorial

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a cool glossy website logo with GIMP. Continue reading...
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    Article: Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients - Free Download

    Gradients are one of the most important aspects to be considered while designing a Web 2.0 Site. Even a simple button is of a gradient. Here you can download a cool set of Gradients bundled in a Adobe Photoshop Gradient file (.grd). These gradients are fully scalable, what i mean here is its not...
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    Article: 10 Free Resources to Get Icons for a Design Project

    Icons make your site aesthetically more interesting and can be used as a name, face, picture, edifice or even as a person. It represents a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing its main purpose or objective. But the question arises here is that from where to n...
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    Article: 10 Website Design Tools You Won't Believe Are Free

    Here is a list I have compiled of the top 10 best free website tools I have found on the Internet. In my opinion these tools are essential for anyone starting out in the web business and wants a head start. I have put them in order from most essential to least essential. But why not download...
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    j327t1 Metropcs J3 FRP Rev 2 With Z3X BOX

    This method is for removing frp on j327t1 (Metropcs J3 Rev 2.) J327T1UVS2ARC1 Must have Z3X Box might work with other boxes. Step 1: Write stock firmware with odin (download mode) Step 2 : Write combination File with odin Step 3: Phone will be stuck in metropcs logo wait about 5 minutes...
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    Google Plus Communities

    Good community!
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    It's worth the investment, i have also purchased a premium theme and works wonderful.
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    Welcome xxnfectedxx, please do so when ever you get a chance , this forum is to share with others. Or learn new things.
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    iPhone X jail break

    Yeah at the moment there is not a un-tethered
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