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    Please review

    Nice looking site. Reminds me of damnlol. Best of luck.
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    Welcome to the forum! See you around!
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    Hello people I'm new here

    Welcome to the forum! See you around.
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    Our website is now open to public

    Awesome best of luck to this site!
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    SWC Network

    New is no excuse.
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    Design Trends in 2016 & What to Expect in 2017

    I don't get the landing page just being an image.
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    Rey here

    Welcome to the forum. Donald Trump is your president :D:D:D:D
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    SWC Network

    Very clean but a little basic. A lot of unused space in the header.
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    Mac or windows

    Windows no doubt. Preferably 7.
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    My Intro

    Thanks Everyone!
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    Favorite CMS?

    To me wordpress is a little restrictive. That's why I prefer Joomla.
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    How much do you spend on Advertising

    I am currently spending $100-$150 a month on advertising. How many members/traffic do you expect per $100 spent?
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    My Intro

    Hello All! I am T dog. I am a webmaster and love to work on websites. Glad to be here and I hope to get to know everyone!
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    Favorite CMS?

    Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress? Personally I prefer Joomla. It is user friendly and it still allows for complete customization and control. Plus I have gotten used to the articles system.
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